Cats & Small Animal Care
SkyWater is not exclusive to Dogs and we understand that other animals have needs to: Whether you are
looking for assistance with your pets or you are going on holiday and would prefer your pet stay in their
familiar surroundings we are happy to help:
Dog Walking & Pet Services
Our Pet Services Include:
* Cleaning litter trays or other cages (birds or small mammals)
* Providing fresh water and food
* Human company time - many animals enjoy and benefit from
interacting with people and this is all part of our service.
You can return from your holiday with the peace of mind that your pet has
been taken care off.
We can also offer other services whilst at your house including:
* Bringing in the post,
* Opening / closing curtains and blinds
* Switching on / off lighting
* Watering of household plants and outside plants and greenhouses
* Putting bins out for collection.
SkyWater looks forward to hearing from you and taking care of your beloved pets.